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Created 10-Nov-13
22 photos

Sunset at Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park Utah.Dewey Bridge and Slick Rock members of the Entrada near Balanced RockCourtyard Wash in AutumnCourtyard Wash in AutumnNavajo Sandstone bluffs along the Colorado RiverClimbing a cliff wall in the Navajo SandstonePetroglyphs along the Colorado River and Highway 279 SW of MoabThunderstorm over the La Sal Mountains131030_Arches_Canyonlands_192-Edit131030_Arches_Canyonlands_197-EditView West from near Green River OverlookSkyscape at Double ArchSouth and North WindowsTurret Arch through the North WindowDelicate Arch with the La Sal Mountains in the backgroundStarscape near Landscape ArchCrescent Moon near Landscape ArchCrescent Moon near Landscape ArchLandscape ArchDawn View East toward the La Sal Mountains

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