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Created 6-Apr-14
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Death Valley from Dante's View looking across at Telescope Peak.Stopping traffic on Badwater roadCoyote in Death ValleyLeader of the pack...View SE from Zabriskie Point toward Mt. Perry (catching the last sunlight of the day)Panorama of the Furnace Creek badlands from Zabriskie Point looking west toward Death Valley and the Panamint Range.Kathy Noll photographing Twenty Mule Team CanyonFurnace Creek lake deposits in Twenty Mule Team Canyon.Copper Canyon Turtleback from the Badwater road looking NE.Dunes forms at Eureka DunesEureka Dunes at SunriseSunrise panorama of Eureka Dunes and the Last Chance Range.Sandy gravels form the floor of much of Eureka Valley.View west at sunrise across Eureka Valley toward the Saline RangeCambrian-age section of marine rocks in the Last Chance Range.Ubehebe Crater.Small alluvial fans of ciders within Ubehebe Crater.Panorama of Racetrack Playa taken from the foothills of Ubehebe Peak.The southern edge of Racetrack Playa, looking northwest.Sailing stone at Racetrack Playa.

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